The October 2019 update for Power BI Desktop has landed, this one includes an incredible new visual called the Q&A Visual. This visual will allow report designers to give a much better Q&A experience to end-users and being a visual it can interact, cross filter, support bookmarks and be themed just like any other visual!

Here’s the complete list of October updates:


  • Automatic page refresh for DirectQuery (preview)


  • The new Q&A visual
  • Improved user experience for Q&A
    • Improved drop-down control
    • Red/Blue underlines
    • Improved visual results
  • Natural Language improvements for Q&A
    • Integration with office/Bing thesaurus
    • Support for measure tables & better handling of table names and ambiguity
    • Row label and synonyms support inside Modelling pane
  • Q&A tooling (Preview)
    • Review questions
    • Teach Q&A
    • Review all changes made
  • Support for SSAS and Azure AS including RLS


  • PowerApps visual is now included by default
  • New xViz visuals
    • Hierarchical Variance Table
    • Linear Gauge
    • Tag Cloud

Data connectivity

  • Sagra Emigo connector generally available
  • Azure Cost Management connector updated
  • New Workplace Analytics connector

Data Preparation

  • Query diagnostics
  • Data profiling enhancements

Template Apps

  • Project Web App


  • New file format: .pbids
  • Performance improvements for modeling operations

For a summary of the major updates, you can watch the following video:

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